California Diversion Programs, Inc.

21054 Sherman Way, Suite 205
Canoga Park, CA 91303
818) 716-0188 - (818) 713-0911
California Diversion Programs, Inc. Provides court-mandated programs for people cited for
driving a vehicle while intoxicated (DUI) and for people convicted of illegal drug use or
possession (DEJ, PC-1000). We also provide Traffic School for people cited for a moving traffic
violation (TVS). Furthermore we provide Alcohol and Drug Assessment for in and out of state
clients along with Parenting and Anger Management classes for court-referred individuals.
In association with House of Light we are offering Individuals, couples, Families and Groups
Psychotherapies to sort out difficulties in relationships, communication issues, and discipline
problems with children to improve family and personal lives.

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21054 Sherman Way
Suite 205
Canoga Park, CA 91303
Phone:   (818) 716-0188
Fax:        (818) 716-1560
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California Diversion Programs, Inc.