California Diversion Programs, Inc.
The Alcohol & Drugs Program is aimed towards those individuals accused of
use/possession of illegal substances or those who have abused alcohol or who have been
involved in trouble situations because of use/possession of alcohol and/or drugs.
This is normally a 10 week program, however, it can be tailored to the needs of the
individual as determined by the referral agency.

The Program is designed to assist individuals recognize their chemical and/or other drug
dependency and assist  them in their recovery.

The Participant needs to do the following steps to enroll, participate and complete the

Enrollment.—Participant need to call this office to get an appointment for enrollment, the
enrollment takes one hour. During the enrollment the participant will be given a schedule to
attend all program  activities. Participant needs to bring the papers from court or other
referring agency indicating he/she needs to do the program. Arrangements for payment of
program fee will be done at this time.

Program Participation—Participant needs to complete the three components as described

Completion—Upon completion of all three Program components the Participant will be
given all the necessary documentation to present to the referring agency as proof of Program

There are three components needed to complete the program:
1. Group Counseling/Education Sessions.
Ten weekly sessions of two and one-half hours each.
This is the suggested time for this Program, it can be tailored to any length as requested by
the Referral Agency.
These classes are available as follows:
Monday,       5:30 pm to   8:00 pm, English
Wednesday  7:15 pm to   9:45 pm, English
Thursday,     8:15 pm to 10:45 pm, English
Thursday,     8:15 pm to 10:45 pm, Español
2. Face to Face Meetings.

Two individual interviews.
One meeting of one hour at time of enrollment
One meeting of half hour at the end of the Program.
These meetings are available Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm.
3. Self-Help Meetings.

One session of Narcotics, Alcoholic or Cocaine Anonymous meetings per class (once per
For information on these meetings call (818) 988-3001,     or (818) 997-3822, or you may
4. Program Fee.

The fee for the 10 Week Program is $ 342.00.
The following payment terms may be arranged at time of enrollment:
$42.00 at enrollment time
$30.00 per class (10 payments).  
NOTE This fee is based on 10 weeks of Program duration;
For custom Programs please call us for information.
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