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A place for Rediscovery & Rejuvenation

House of Light is an imaginal place. It is a place where one
remembers one’s own strengths and finds one’s own solutions.
At the House of Light, we invite our clients to seek
peace, harmony and a place of better illumination within, guiding them to
journey further into the light.


a licensed Marriage Family Therapist and a Certified
Addiction Treatment Counselor—has been on
an imaginal journey beginning with his early years in India and Nepal.
He has witnessed and experienced the unseen hands
managing the unmanageable.
Om’s life is filled with unexplained guidance and gifts from the cosmos,
filled with paradoxes and synchronicity.
Om believes therapy is alchemical in nature and transformative
both for the client and the therapist.
Over the years he has worked successfully with people from different backgrounds,
of different belief systems, and at various stages of their lives.


can be described as a house on fire. When a house is on fire, the first order of
business is to put out the fire.
Once the fire is put out, only then you can investigate the cause of the fire.
The cause of the fire needs to be found and fixed before you can rebuild,
otherwise the fire would return again and again.

Anxiety can be described as fear about the future and can show up as panic attacks or
one may have obsessive-compulsive behaviors diagnosed as Obsessive Compulsive
Disorder (OCD). Anxiety is also diagnosed in children
as Attention Deficit/Hyper Activity Disorder (ADHD).

Depression can be defined as having feelings of sadness, hopelessness, being
discouraged, and down in the dumps, losing all desire and interest in the activities one
once enjoyed. At its worst, one may even have suicidal ideation and attempts.
There could be unusual levels of fatigue, a diminished ability
to think or concentrate, along with feelings of worthlessness and sadness.

Trauma can be explained as an unbearable pain, though rooted in one’s past, affecting
one’s present. The traumatic experience is often a product of exposure to physical,
emotional or sexual violence.


is a method of finding out and verifying what may be troubling an individual
or a family. House of Light utilizes various test instruments to support or discard a probable
diagnosis. Both Courts and School Districts utilize similar test instruments to make decisions
and to determine the validity of claims.


Family Therapy
explores, examines and discovers the family power structures,
communication patterns, rules, and boundaries, along with trans-generational transmission of
customs and traditions to assist one find and develop one’s personal potentials. Families
introduce one to human values, standards, norms, and direct one as to how to act, and how
not to act. One’s deepest joy and deepest harm generally come from one’s families.

Individual Therapy may assist one to get unstuck by developing one’s strengths,
communication, and coping skills at a time when one feels one’s potential is unreachable in
spite of one’s best efforts. One becomes who one is by dealing with one’s family, school,
friends, work, church and society. Sometimes relationships cause great pain and one’s innate
abilities are compromised or stunted. One finds oneself stuck and unable to do things, which
would enhance one’s life, and happiness.

Group Therapy is a powerful therapeutic tool. A group is often composed of eight to ten
individuals and requires one and half hours to two hours in time commitment. The paramount
rule for group work is commitment to attend and a willingness to change. Group work
requires listening to others, and the willingness to express one’s feelings. Disagreement in a
group is the fuel, which assists participants with self-reflection, awareness, and growth.

CLICK HERE for information on Enrolment, Session Schedules, Availability, Fees and
General Questions.
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